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Wellness Spa is a new concept of body massage parlour located in the center of Delhi.

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Wellness Spa & Beauty

Center and academy of alternative therapies and massages

A space dedicated to the care and improvement of the being, physically and emotionally, through different techniques of manual and energetic naturopathy. Since we opened our doors, at Wellness Spa we have not stopped making ourselves known as a quality massage center in Delhi, awakening the interest of clients both around our facilities in Delhi. It is worth coming to see us if you want to access the benefits that manual therapies can bring you when treating different injuries and bodily discomforts, as well as obtaining a relaxing experience that relieves the weight of daily stress. The know-how of our team guarantees you a choice and application of the therapy that best suits your needs.

Our Services


Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai massage or Thai Massage is an ancient technique that is performed on a futon on the floor, applied to the entire body, from head to toe.


Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is performed on the whole body - head, back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, soles of the foot.


Balinese Massage

The traditional Balinese Massage therefore combines numerous and varied techniques from stretching, different types of acupressure, kneading, using not only the hands, but also knees or feet.


Full Body Massage

We guide you so that your well-being increases, we will find the therapy that will allow you to feel better.

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Spa Features

Relaxing Massage

A skilled massage therapist can provide you with a soothing massage. It does come with a cost, but the advantages may be worth far more than the cost.


Enjoy the benefits of these candles, and light your candle while taking a bath to relax with its smell.

Steam Bath

Saunas and steam rooms are similar. Both encourage you to sit in a small, warm chamber and claim that it will improve your health. Relax in our wellness area.

Aroma Oil

Romantic massage is another name for aroma oil massage. You will experience healthy changes in your mind and body. Massages that use essential oils.


A new concept of body to body massage center in Kalkaji Delhi

— Mohit, Spa Customer